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Brigham Young University - Marriott School of Business
Pre-Business Major

  • GPA 3.55/4.00
  • ACT 26/36 (83rd percentile)
  • Member of the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club
  • Relevant Coursework: Principles of Finance, Principles of Accounting, Introduction to Management Information Systems

Work Experience

Brigham Young University, Ezra Taft Benson Building

  • Maintain cleanliness in chemistry building by restocking nine custodial closets daily

Crisp (On-campus Internship
Intern / Sponsor Liaison

  • Drafted weekly emails to update company’s upper management team on progress concerning assigned deliverables
  • Created two industry-based informative articles that supplemented weekly company newsletter
  • Executed a marketing content strategy and competitive analysis on organization’s top three competitors and presented five recommendations for improvement
  • Collaborated with team to create and present 45-page business report on three overall takeaways to improve brand and customer visibility

BYU Store
E-Commerce Fulfillment Clerk

  • Improved customer buying situation through correct collection, charging, and packaging of merchandise
  • Corresponded with third-party distributor to order and stock select line of products
  • Educated customers on incoming and outgoing of inventory to satisfy needs using online inventory system
  • Settled customer disputes and questions via email or phone

YMCA Caldwell

  • Cultivated action ready lifeguards through monthly skills training as head lifeguard
  • Prevented risk of injury or death through constant and consistence vigilance over pool deck
  • Attained significant communication and leadership skills by conducting pre-shift meetings and organizing lifeguard rotations


Proficient in:

  1. Excel Automation (VBA)
  2. Solver
  3. Statistics in Excel
  4. Tableau
  5. Web Development (HTML CSS)
Experience with:
  1. Database Modeling
  2. SQL
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